Creativity with Neutral Density Filters

Creativity with Neutral Density Filters

January 23 & 24, 2021 – Sacramento CA

Zoom Workshop
If you've never used a neutral density filter before, you're missing out on a great opportunity. That's because neutral density filters help you slow time down, creating gorgeously dreamy photos that are full of motion and emotion. In this two-part workshop, we'll break down the barriers to getting into long exposure photography by using and understanding the tools needed to create stunning long exposure photos any time of day.

Due to current gathering restrictions, both parts of this workshop are online via Zoom, but during the first day you will have a self-guided field trip following online instruction.

Part 1: Sat Jan 23 9AM to Noon

Part 1 of this workshop will begin with instruction and then you will be asked to go to a select location (your backyard, some place close to home, or a nice day trip to the Delta) to shoot landscapes, flora/fauna and/or architecture with your neutral density filter.

Part 2: Sun Jan 24 9AM to Noon

Part 2 you will meet back online for review, questions and critique.

A tripod is required for this workshop, further suggested equipment and some options on purchasing neutral density filters will be given to students in advance of the workshop.

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